Tobago Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport (TAB)
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(Tobago, West Indies)

Situated 11 km / 7 miles from Scarborough, near the town on Canaan, Tobago Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport (TAB) is also close to Canoe Bay, Fort Milford, Pigeon Point and Store Bay. This airport is a small facility and the chief gateway for the island of Tobago, also being a notable airbridge between the two islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

Crown Point Airport operates a limited number of international flights, with around ten airlines. These include the Caribbean Airlines and its sister airline of Tobago Express, operating as national airlines for both Trinidad and Tobago and regularly flying to Trinidad's capital, the Port of Spain, next to the Gulf of Paria.

The bulk of the airport's air traffic is to other Caribbean destinations, including Antigua, Barbados and Grenada, although airlines also fly to Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London. Crown Point Airport features a single terminal, with a limited selection of amenities.

An hourly bus service operates from outside the airport, which travels to a number of destinations on the island. These include Plymouth, next to Great Couland Bay, and Scarborough, which lies alongside Rockly Bay and Minister Bay. Further afield from Crown Point International Airport (TAB) and on the eastern side of Tobago and past the Tobago Forest Reserve are the villages of Charlotteville, Roxborough and Speyside.

About Tobago Tourism

Tobago is part of the Republic of Trinidad and it is a popular Caribbean holiday destination, close to the larger island of Trinidad. Visitors to Tobago will find everything typical of a tropical island, including great weather and scenic, golden sandy beaches, particularly at the seaside village of Castara and also around the Englishman's Bay. Bloody Bay also boasts a number of popular sandy areas, while water sports are well established in the coastal areas around Scarborough and Crown Point Airport (TAB).

The island of Tobago has a reputation for great cuisine, which is heavily based on the wonderful fresh local produce that is widely available on the island. Much of the tourism is concentrated on the south-western side of Tobago and in particular around Crown Point and Buccoo Reef, where many large resorts now reside. Apart from the regular influx of passengers at the airport itself, many tourists also arrive by cruise liner and ferries at the deepwater harbour in Scarborough, the island's biggest town.

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Address: Tobago, West Indies
Airport Code: TAB
Tel: +1 868 639 8547
Fax: +1 868 639 8146
Tobago Airport TAB

Tobago Airport TAB

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